Primary Coon Cat Breed – The Background and Simple Info

The Maine Coon breed is considered to originate from Maine, New England consequently the name but there are a couple of interesting stories about how they got there. I am going to not point out all of them but I will write about my favorite and potentially the most plausible tale, in addition 1 that reflects the ideas of the folks at the time. Traveller Captain Charles Coon who crossed the Atlantic from England constantly experienced cats on his ship. His ship sooner or later dock at Maine, the place it is imagined that the cats disembarked the ship and mated with the regional feral cats. As soon as the feral cats had kittens they have been regarded as “a single of Coon’s cats”. Other tales this sort of as they originated from breeding cats and raccoons which is genetically impossible but easy to understand at the time as the tails of Maine Coon cats are quite bushy like these of a raccoon.

At some point they had been seen as an official breed of cat and they were entered into cat exhibits in The united states in the late 1800’s winning numerous prizes this kind of as the silver collar. This improve the Maine Coon’s acceptance. Even so by 20th century their acceptance declined, this was since other long haired cat breeds were now offered. The decline in popularity was so intense that the breed was declared extinct in the fifties. This however was observed as premature and the Central Maine Cat Club labored hard to increase their popularity. Ultimately in 1985 this breed was named the formal cat of the point out of Maine and has turn out to be extremely popular again.

I’ve focused largely on the history of the Maine Coon breed of cat so I’ll give you a little bit of info about their characteristics and character.

Maine Coons are the greatest breed of domestic cat and it truly is a cat from this breed that holds the Guinness report for the worlds greatest cat. Males can weigh up to eleven kg and ladies are up to six.8kg. They have medium to prolonged fur which is typically silky but their pattern does have an influence on this. Some have main like a lion whilst others do not, but they all have a extended (up to 14 inches) quite bushy tail that they will wrap close to themselves to keep them selves warm in cold climate.

They’re a very individual cat, not actually a cat to occur sit on your lap even though. They can also be extremely unbiased so never want you as a lot as some of the other cat breeds do. have previously mentioned average intelligence in comparison to other breeds and will learn tips but usually are not as inquisitive as oriental breeds and never need as significantly stimulation.

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